Set Ups

Dance Floors

  • Video Dance Floor
  • White Dance Floor
  • Black Dance Floor
  • LED Dance Floor
  • Starlit Dance Floor

Draping and Uplighting

  • Room Uplighting (1 Watt or 3 Watt)
  • White or Black Drape (8'-14' High)
  • Pin Spotting
  • Custom Monograms
  • Ceiling and Wall Projections

LED Features

  • LED Lights
  • LED Lighting packages (color changing)
  • Custom Gobo Projections
  • LED Spheres

Atmosphere Enhancements

  • Shadow Booths
  • Dance Cages
  • Dj Booth or Backdrop
  • LED Bubble Booth

Special Effects

  • Confetti Cannon
  • Snow Machine
  • CO2 Cannon
  • Low Lying Fog

Set Ups

Combinations using Trusses, Elevated DJ Booths, Projection Screens, Light Shows, LED Curtains, Plasma TV's, Mirror Balls, Circular Trusses, Tiered Projection, Backdrops and more